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Popular sayings

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engraving, illustration

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December, 2023

The slang, the expressions, the memes, the popular sayings, all this content of Brazilian language establishes our connection as a people. So why not illustrate them?

Based on this principle, the project Pocket Guide to Brazilian Popular Sayings was created. With this booklet, made based on cordel leaflets, we bring here 8 popular sayings that are certainly recognized by you and your grandparents, because as the name says, they are popular. And what is popular has to be celebrated and referenced.

That's also why we chose to make linocuts, with digital lettering that follows the same style that the gouges give us. Mixing artistic processes of physical and digital origin is one of the coolest things we can do and we choose it at every available opportunity.

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Rua Silveira Peixoto, 1040 - Room 105, Batel/Curitiba-PR

CEP 80240-120


(41) 9 92841425

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