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An Affair with No Future

Project type

Illustration, graphic design

Gives you

December, 2023

Um Caso sem Futuro is a novel by Júlia Maizman published by Editora Nacional.
In this project, we were responsible for the cover graphic design.

Recently graduated, newly single and full of anxiety, Melissa decides to move to Rio de Janeiro at once. On her first night in town, Mel ends up trying a suspicious "magic brownie" that transports her to the year 1973, decades before she was even born. Trying to adapt to the hectic seventies, she will become closer to her co-worker, the reserved but instigating Benjamin. Between past, present and future, Melissa will realize how her decisions can affect the people she cares about most. And that, sometimes, the right person in the wrong decade is capable of completely changing the course of our history.

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