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 🌟A duo of illustrators and visual artists who make cool projects & cool stories 🌟

Dark Stream started with Doug working from home during the COVID 19 pandemic. As soon as the pandemic passed, with vaccines, Douglas looked for a space to set up the studio.

Meanwhile, Vitória was about to finish her bachelor's degree in Visual Arts and began her journey as an illustrator.

Doug and Vi met during this period and began exchanging feedback about art.

Soon after installing himself in the space that is now the studio, Douglas invited Vitória to be a partner and artistic duo.

🌟 From book covers to advertising pieces, our passion is transforming ideas into art 🌟

Since the beginning of the partnership, in 2023, the duo has carried out more than 40 commercial projects.

Among which stand out the collaborations with Itaú, HBO Max, Area 23, VML and companies in the publishing segment such as Grupo Editorial Record, Globo Livros and Você S/A.


Douglas Lopes (Doug)

Visual artist, illustrator and founding partner of Dark Stream.

Born and raised in Itu, in the interior of São Paulo, he moved to Curitiba in 2016 to study Advertising at UFPR.

In 2019, he launched his first comic book "Existe Outro Caminho" at CCXP, about the history of Brazilian rap, and was on the shortlist for the HQ Mix award in the "Best independent publication" category. He worked as a designer and art director in communication agencies and in 2020 he began his professional career as an illustrator.

In 2021, he made the Forbes Under 30 list in the Architecture, Design and Urbanism category.

In 2022 he won bronze in the illustration category at the Brazil Design Award.

He has worked on projects of varying styles and purposes, from vector to painting, storyboarding to animation, photography and video editing. He knows that illustration is his main focus, which doesn't stop him from playing with other areas.


Vitória Gomes (Vi)

Visual artist, illustrator and partner of Dark Stream.

From the interior of Paraná, raised on the coast of Santa Catarina, she moved to Curitiba in 2019 for the opportunity to study Visual Arts at UFPR, where she graduated.

She decided to work with illustration during college, in 2022. Her illustrations combine her repertoire of traditional techniques with the digital artistic process.

In 2022 she participated in the Mamute Graphic Fair Laboratory, where she was able to exhibit her illustrations for the first time at a graphic arts fair.

Both in academic research and in artistic projects, the look at gender remains on the horizon, always seeking to highlight the visibility of subordinate subjects.

Traces of it have been found both in engravings and murals and in digital media. It is an encyclopedia of artistic references and is always looking for new possibilities to create art in an artisanal way.

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Rua Silveira Peixoto, 1040 - Room 105, Batel/Curitiba-PR

CEP 80240-120


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